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Welcome to our contact page! Whether you have questions about our wholesale sunglasses, want to place an order, or are interested in partnering with us, we're here to assist you every step of the way. At SunRayz Premium Eyewear, we're committed to providing exceptional service and quality eyewear to support your business needs. Reach out to us today and let's elevate your retail experience together.

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Sunrayz is available 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday

1306 Enterprise Ave, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, USA

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A Word from Garrett

Why is SunRayz in the Sunglasses business?

We dedicate our time and effort to providing high-quality sunglasses at amazing prices. Among all accessories, sunglasses are a top necessity. We are all exposed to harmful UV rays year round. At SunRayz; we believe that everyone should have an AFFORDABLE and STYLISH pair of sunglasses available when going outdoors.

Are you wondering where to buy wholesale sunglasses?

Are you currently comparing a couple different wholesalers based on things like quality and price? You should be and we don’t blame you at all! The biggest strength to SunRazy sunglasses is that we are EXCLUSIVELY in the sunglasses industry. This exclusive focus on eyewear gives us the best access to the latest trends in sunglasses, a team of experts in the sunglass space and the best quality with an affordable price tag on your bulk sunglasses. SunRayz is humbled to even be included in your comparison against other wholesalers and would love the chance to be your trusted wholesale sunglass supplier. Give us a call with any questions you might have!

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Maybe You are Searching for Wholesale Sunglasses Near Me…

SunRayz is located in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA. While we may not be your next door neighbor, we promise to ship your bulk sunglasses the NEXT DAY. This means we may even be faster than the wholesale sunglasses vendor near you. Call us for more details.

Finally, Does SunRayz Have Any Discount Wholesale Sunglasses?

SunRayz aims to present its most competitive pricing immediately on their website. For a deeper discount call us about large quantity orders.  Nothing is wrong with these glasses; it is simply newer styles arrived and our clients wanted the newest first. If you are looking to save a couple extra dollars on your bulk sunglass order from SunRayz - these would be the best methods.

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